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About Us

Originally established as a Friesian horse stud in 2015, Onyx Park has turned it's attention onto a relatively new, upcoming breed in Australia, one that is fast growing popular in Europe & America; the Barock Pinto.

What is a Barock Pinto? A Barock Pinto is simply a horse with atleast 37.5% friesian blood that has pinto colouring. Stunning right?! We certainly think so!


The founding members; Kirsten, Kerry & David Mann, have been involved with horses for over 20 years. 

Kirsten is a fully qualified veterinary nurse with a keen eye for high quality, well conformed horses. She's the decision maker when it comes to the horses and she know's exactly what she's looking for!

Over the years Kirsten has had many highlights with her riding but the most standout highlight would have to be representing Australia in America at the Appaloosa Youth World Show and taking home an 8th in the world!
 has also completed and been certified in a select few of Dr Eleanor Kellon's Equine Nutrition courses. We believe proper nutrition in horses of all ages is vitally important and highly recommend Dr Kellon's courses, they are a must for all horse owners/breeders! Kirsten is also planning on attending a few courses specifically on Equine Breeding and Artificial Insemination so that she will be able to assist and even perform herself all breeding procedures including ultra-sounding and insemination. In addition to her knowledge on the breeding/wellbeing of horses, Kirsten has also successfully imported multiple horses from Europe and is familiar with the policies and procedures involved in doing so. She knows how daunting importing horses can be and is more than happy to offer assistance!

David works as a factory manager, but around here he is the brains behind all our facilities. He has designed and built everything from scratch and being the perfectionist he is, it's all millimetre perfect! 

Kerry has been involved with horses for the majority of her life. As a young adult she enjoyed working with Thoroughbred's on the track and loved a good trail ride! Now she happily sits back and helps out with everyday work around the stud.

In addition to breeding Barock Pintos, we also plan on producing a few lovely paint horses

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