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We pride ourselves on our high quality, safe facilities...

Mare & Foal Crush & Adjoining Washbay

This addition is one of our favourites! Our mare and foal crush is completely adjustable to suit different sized mares and different procedures. Completely made out of steel and lined with strong wonderwall at the front and back of the mare area, it's the safest place for our horses to be whether it be for breeding, introduction of new things for foals or dentals. Both ends of both the mare and foal area are able to be opened, with an added smaller second gate at the back of the mare area to make it easier to scan and inseminate our mares. There's even a removable ultrasound tray to sit the ultrasound machine on so it can easily be viewed up off the ground! The front of the mare area also has an additional arm for our vets to easily and safely hoist our horses heads up come dental time.

The adjoining washbay features three strong tie up rings, an overhead hose and is lined with waterproof wonderwall. The entire crush and washbay area has concrete flooring, making it super easy to keep the area clean and is completely undercover with lighting for those late nights!

Stable & Yard

Next to our Mare and Foal Crush and Washbay is a spacious stable with a large yard made fully made out of steel and at a height safe enough for stallions.
This area is a versatile space, often used by show horses at night or by mares who are ready to foal. Being only metres from Kirsten bedroom window, it is the ideal location to be able to keep an eye on the areas inhabitants and isn't too far away for foal alarms to be ineffective.

The summers here are often hot! So to ensure the comfort of our horses (particularly newly imported horses from the colder European countries or heavily pregnant mares) we have installed a large industrial fan to keep them cool. The horses love it!

The stable itself sits on pavers, allowing excellent drainage of water and urine. The entire area is also undercover with lighting, perfect for keeping the show horses' coats in great condition during winter and late night foaling!

Foaling Yard

Currently in Progress... Watch this space...

Mare & Foal/Weaning Yard

Another one of our favourites! Our mare and foal/weaning yard is the safest place to be on the property. It features a large yard with high fences that are covered with chook mesh and double electrified, a large covered/half enclosed shelter with access to feed and water and two tall double gates with one being able to open fully into the shelter to allow access to adjoining pasture and also close off the shelter if needed. This yard has been an absolute game changer come weaning time!

Right next to this yard is a large paddock with improved pasture and plenty of shade. The fences around this pasture are also covered in chook mesh for extra safety.
Our mares and foals venture out here shortly after birth which allows our foals plenty of time to get used to their surroundings, making weaning much less stressful for them.

Arena with adjoining Round yard

Our 60x20 arena is completely made out of steel, featuring two rails all the way around and four gates, including one providing access into the adjoining round yard. This space is excellent for training horses in with plenty of shade on those hot summer days and only metres from the washbay.

The adjoining round yard is perfectly positioned off the end of the arena. Like the arena, our round yard is also completely made out of steel, featuring five rails all the way around and an extra gate that swings both ways.  It has been a great space when working with new and young horses.


In addition to all our facilities on the top half of our property, the bottom half is made up of multiple spacious paddocks. The first is right next to the arena and features improved pasture, plenty of shade, access to fresh water and an off the ground feeder. This paddock separates the arena from the bottom five paddocks.

The bottom five paddocks are all evenly divided and are off the boundary fence, putting a safe distance between our horses and the neighbours stock. Each paddock has at least two access gates and can either be supplied with fresh water, or opened up to our large back dam. Over the next year or two we plan on seeding these paddocks to improve both the coverage and nutrients they hold.

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