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Bathory van Onyx Park


Purebred BB1 Friesian Colt

Born December 6th 2016

Sire: Jorrit fan stal Redia

Dam: Kirsten van Zurrdijk

Our first foal born at Onyx Park...

Already sold in utero, Bathory arrived around midday on a warm summers day and boy, was he born ready to take on the world! He was up and about within minutes, even before his mother! His blingy white sock and star was a bit of a surprise, but this just makes him extra special! 

Right from the beginning Bathory was super easy to handle, nothing fazed him, he just wanted to be around people all the time.

Since leaving as a weanling, Bathory has matured into a lovely natured young horse whose recently been started under saddle and is taking to his training very well.

Henrik OP

Purebred Foalbook Friesian Colt Imported in Utero

Born April27th 2018

Sire: Eise 489

Dam: Tsjarda v.d. Maria Louise Hoeve

Tsjarda's very first foal...

AT 8:50pm on a cool April night, a star was born, a stunning jet black colt known as Henrik OP.

Being a maiden, we were all quite anxious for Tsjarda's first experience foaling down and becoming a mother. It all happened so fast from the first sign of wax only hours prior. It was like Tsjarda knew as soon as we brought her into the stable, braided her tail and put the foal alarm on her, she was right to go. An hour prior she could be heard pacing the stable yard and then before we knew it, the alarm went off and up we jumped. Before Kirsten could even get out the door, henrik was already half out and by the time she reached the stable yard, Tsjarda had fully delivered him by herself. And here we were gearing up for the high possibility of complications!

As Henrik unfolded, it became apparent that he was no ordinary colt. He boasts the most gorgeous shaped head, excellent conformation, good hair and stunning movement.  A real asset to Australia as a future stud, especially given the fact he is the only foal with his bloodlines in the country as an added bonus.

It wasn't long after birth that Henrik was sold, he was only advertised for a week! And since leaving as a weanling he's been allowed to grow and mature at his own pace, and my is he growing into one spectacular colt! He is certainly on our list of future stallions for our mares!

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