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Tjibbe B

Imp Ster

Where do we even begin with this magnificent stallion!
Tjibbe is the first horse Kirsten imported from Europe sight unseen. He was only 3 years old at the time and already showed incredible talent! Sired by the amazing Norbert 444 and out of an incredible mother line, Tjibbe is the whole package. In 2019 he received the ster predicate and an IBOP score of 82.5, with a comment from one of the Friesian jury members being "He's one of the best horses ive ever seen"! Wow!
Tjibbe resided with Daniella Dierks and took the dressage world by storm, achieving scores in the 80's! We couldn't have asked for a better place for him to be.


Tsjarda v.d.
Maria Louise Hoeve

Imp Ster

The sweetest horse we knew...

Tsjarda was imported from Europe in late 2017, carrying a very special foal sired by Eise 489. in April 2018 she foaled an outstanding colt known as Henrik OP and my does he have his mothers pretty features!
Tsjarda was sired by Epke 474, a gorgeous stallion known for passing on his masses of hair and unique ears, which Tsjarda certainly had (Her ears almost touched when pricked forward!).

Tsjarda was an excellent all round mare, being broken to both saddle and harness. She was the ultimate horse to take for a drive down the road. In addition to this, she was also an excellent, text book mother.
Tsjarda resided with Nadeen Davis in Tasmania and again we couldn't have asked for a better home for her!


Venetie of Ebony Park

Uma was our first ever friesian!
Sired by imported ster stallion Elko van der Woalderhoeve and out of Ebony Park Gjanna, Uma is the ultimate ridden friesian. Now residing in QLD, this sweet BB1 filly is so quiet even little children can ride her!

Even from the beginning as a weanling, nothing fazed this mare, she was the easiest, kindest young horse we have ever encounted.

Uma was shown in hand by Kirsten during her yearling year at local ag shows with much success and gaining many admirers along the way. With her masses of hair (her tail alone needed not one but three plaits!) and lovely movement, she never came home without a blue ribbon!

Kirsten van Zuurdijk


Our first broodmare...

Beautiful Kirsten was spotted when we first travelled to VIC to look at Uma as a foal. She was in the same paddock as Uma with a foal of her own and out of all the mares and foals, she was the one to come up first for a scratch. A few months later she came up for sale and we thought, its got to be fate! She even shares a name with Kirsten!

Kirsten was already in foal again when purchased her and a few months later she foaled a beautiful leggy colt with a gorgeous white sock known as Bathory van Onyx Park. She is again an excellent and text book mother, making the foaling process easy for Kerry (her first time witnessing the birth of a foal!) during the day.


Doeke of Twin Rivers

Tjibbe's paternal younger half brother...

Kirsten first spotted this outstandingly well put together young boy when he was a yearling colt and thought to herself then, wow he's got one of the best confirmations I've seen on a young friesian! A year later he was out in our paddock!

Now a gelding, Doeke has grown and matured into a lovely young ridden horse with a beautiful quiet temperament and lovely movement (when he's not being lazy!). 

Sometimes you'd swear he was Tjibbe with the way he stands and the expressions on his face, they are so very similar in looks!

Doeke was broken in as a 3yo and then allowed to grow and mature more with only light work until leaving for his new home only hours away. He is very much loved by his new owners!

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